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nif feup

What is NIF number in Spain?

NIF ( Numero de Identificacion Fiscal) This is the tax ID for Spanish citizens. This is your Spanish ID number (DNI) plus one letter, so your Spanish NIF number consists of 8 numbers plus two letters.

What is a NIF and what is it for?

The NIF itself is a unique nine-digit number issued to each person, which can be disclosed in any tax correspondence with the tax authorities. It is shown on issued tax cards and also on Portuguese citizenship identity cards. Who needs a NIF?

What is a Portuguese NIF number?

The Portuguese NIF number is a tax identification number. The number is for tax purposes in Portugal; NIF numbers are necessary when paying taxes, making official purchases such as buying a property or carrying out other formal activities.

What is FEUP doing on the Internet?

Its presence on the internet seeks to reflect the many realities existing at the heart of FEUP, and to provide essential information to maintain the internal and external links and to deepen relationships, increasing the efficiency and efficacy of our procedure in Education, Research and Innovation.

Can I get a NIF number in Spain?

A NIF Number is not issued to non Spanish Citizens. Here at my NIE Number Spain we can obtain your NIE Number or TIE Number. Visit our home page today to read more of book using our secure booking form.

What is the difference between Nie and NIF in Spain?

For Spaniards, it’s the DNI plus one letter; for foreigners, it’s the same number as your NIE. Once you have an NIE, you do not need to re-apply for an NIF; if and when you have to pay taxes, use your NIE number. If you’re a nonresident who has to pay taxes in Spain, you may get an NIF issued to you without having an NIE.

What is the NIF number?

The NIF number is the number of DNI used as a taxpayer identification number for Spanish citizens. The NIF number is not issued to non-Spanish citizens.

What is a CIF number in Spain?

The CIF is the tax ID number that identifies a company or legal entity in Spain. Hence, if you are to set up a company in the Spanish territory, you will need to request this extra number, as your personal tax identification is not enough.

What is the cost of getting a NIF number in Portugal?

There is no fee for getting a NIF number in Portugal. However, there is a fee of €6.80 for the Portuguese tax card. Your NIF number is necessary for a variety of different transactions in Portugal, such as: The Portuguese tax authority issues you a tax card when you receive your permanent NIF number.

What is a NIF number?

Need to Know Everything About NIF Also known as Portuguese individual tax identification number, NIF is the taxpayer’s personal number for tax purposes in Portugal, and is used for employment purposes or when officially conducting other activities in Portuguese territory. The NIF is issued by the Portuguese tax authorities.

What numbers do I need to get in Portugal?

One of the very first numbers you will need to get in Portuguese is your Portuguese NIF. Also called a Número de Identificação Fiscal, this is a fiscal number or tax identification number and is required to do many things in Portugal such as open a bank account.

What is a fiscal number in Portugal?

Also called a Número de Identificação Fiscal, this is a fiscal number or tax identification number and is required to do many things in Portugal such as open a bank account. You can learn the easiest ways to get one, no matter where you are currently based, and why you will need one right here. What is a Portuguese NIF?

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