Wc meaning

wc meaning

What does “WC” mean?

The WC is short for Water Closet, a flushing toilet. Aka the khasi, dunny or bog. Depending upon what country the WC is located, “WC” may refer to either a toilet, or the room which contains a toilet. In some countries, “WC” may also refer to a church (“Wesleyan Chapel”). So observe the context of the question, carefully.

What is a W C toilet called?

A toilet is sometimes called a W C which stands for water closet. It is an old term, falling into disuse other than on washroom doors at service stations. In conversation, the British are more likely to speak of ““wanting the loo.”

What is the difference between bathroom and WC?

A WC is a water closet, and means a toilet. A bathroom is a room containing a bath. It’s true that many people, especially Americans, ask for the bathroom when they mean the toilet. Perhaps they find the term toilet slightly embarrassing.

Is WC still used in the UK?

The euphemism WC or water closet is still used in some parts of the world when referring to a restroom (and often the toilet fixture itself), including the UK. How do I start a successful farm?

What is the meaning of the name WC?

Meaning of “WC” in the English Dictionary. WC in English. › abbreviation for water closet: a toilet, or a room containing a toilet: The wooden staircase leads to three bedrooms, the bathroom, and a separate WC.

What does WCWC mean in construction?

WC Abbreviation. 58. WC. Water Closet + 1 variant. Architecture, Construction, Engineering. Architecture, Construction, Engineering. 13. W.C. Water Closet.

What does WC mean on a vehicle registration?

Weight Code (vehicle registration USA) WC Woman Constable (UK) WC Wailing Caves (gaming, Everquest II) WC Write Controller WC Warlords Command (gaming, World of Warcraft) WC White Cornish (chicken breed) WC

What is the Order of the WC codes?


What is the difference between toilet and WC?

Toilet is also the white seat inside a restroom/bathroom/lavatory/WC Lavatory used to mean a room for washing and it doesnt have a toilet. WC (water closet) used to mean a small closet sized restroom.

What is the difference between a bathroom and a toilet?

English (US) Theyre all almost the same. Bathroom is a room with a bath, toilet, and sink in it (like at a house), Toilet is the actual thing you use to do your business, restroom is usually used in public places like restaurants or schools minus the bath, and WC usually means a room that has a flushing toilet.

What is the difference between a bathroom and a water closet?

Related Questions More Answers Below. In Europe, a bathroom is a room with a shower and/or bathtub, sink, and countertop. It has no toilet. A different room, commonly called the loo, toilet room, etc. has the toilet and sink but is used mostly for toileting. A water closet describes a room with a toilet, sink,...

Are toilets in the UK marked with the letters WC or WC?

Sometimes toilets will be marked or signposted with “WC” but are never, ever, in the UK, referred to either with the letters WC or in full as a “water closet” because people will think you’re an idiot, living in the Victorian age or trying to make some point that nobody else understands.

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