Bilbao mapa

bilbao mapa

What can I view on Bilbao map?

On Bilbao Map, you can view all states, regions, cities, towns, districts, avenues, streets and popular centers satellite, sketch and terrain maps.

Where is Bilbao located?

The city lies on two international roads, the European route E70 that follows the coast of the Bay of Biscay and the cities of Santander and Gijón to the west and with Eibar, San Sebastián and Bordeaux to the east.

What is the throughput of the port of Bilbao?

^ Port of Bilbao throughput stood at 31.6 million tonnes in 2009. Puerto de Bilbao. Archived from the original on 8 May 2010. Retrieved 10 October 2010. ^ Estadísticas generales. Puerto de Bilbao. Archived from the original on 23 January 2009. Retrieved 16 October 2008. ^ Economical impact. Puerto de Bilbao.

Why is Bilbao important to the Basques?

After its foundation in the early 14th century by Diego López V de Haro, head of the powerful Haro family, Bilbao was a commercial hub of the Basque Country that enjoyed significant importance in Green Spain. This was due to its port activity based on the export of iron extracted from the Biscayan quarries.

What is it like to visit the city of Bilbao?

Bilbao is one of the main cities in Spain’s northern Basque region, along with San Sebastián and Vitoria-Gasteiz. It’s a fun, vibrant and artistic spot, packed with fascinating attractions. If you’re thinking of visiting, here are ten things you need to know before your trip.

What are the most iconic buildings in Bilbao?

The most iconic building in Bilbao is without a doubt the Guggenheim Museum. It was intentionally built to put Bilbao on the world map and to breathe fresh life into this once run-down and highly polluted part of the city. It’s fair to say it’s definitely accomplished its goal.

What to do in Bilbao besides the Guggenheim?

There’s a lot more to see than just the Guggenheim. The Guggenheim contemporary art museum may be Bilbao’s most famous attraction, but there’s a lot more to see and do here than just that. The city is home a lively Old Town, lots of contemporary architecture and many other museums including the Fine Arts Museum, the Archeological Museum,...

What is the Bilbao Maritime Museum?

The Bilbao Maritime Museum details the Basque Country’s special relationship with the sea, displaying exhibits on ship building as well as local fishermen. Visitors can see ships built in the shipyards of Bilbao and a collection of model boats, and the museum also holds various workshops and family activities.

How big is the Bilbao port?

Also called Exterior Port and Superpuerto, the port complex occupies 3.13 km² (773 acres) of land and 16.94 km² (4,186 acres) of water along 17 km (10.6 mi) of waterfront. The history of the port is inseparably linked to the history of Bilbao itself, so the date of its foundation is also that of the citys foundation.

How does vesselfinder detect port of Bilbao?

Port of Bilbao vessel arrivals, departures, scheduled arrivals and ships in port are detected by processing of AIS data. Weather data is based on GFS model (NCEP/NWS). The data is for informational purposes only and VesselFinder is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of Port of Bilbao data.

What is the history of Bilbaos docks?

The first docks were built at Bilbaos old town, 15 km (9.3 mi) upstream from the open sea. These docks were the center of the ports activity for more than five centuries. In 1511 the Consulate of Bilbao privilege was granted, which allowed the port control over the northern European wool export routes.

What makes Bilbao the hottest art destination in Europe?

The Basque city and cruise port of Bilbao in northern Spain has become one of the hottest destinations in Europe following the opening of the imaginatively-designed Guggenheim modern art gallery, which is an architectural work of avant-garde art in its own right. (Closed on Mondays).

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