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repsol tui

Where is the Repsol Campus located?

Our Repsol Campus is located at Mendez Álvaro, 44 - 28045 Madrid, Spain. Global English Spanish English Contact us Log in About Us Repsol Worldwide Sustainability Energy and Innovation Products and Services Shareholders and Investors Press Careers Company profile Vision and mission What we do Our team 2025 Strategy Where we work

What does Repsol do?

Repsol, a global energy company At Repsol, we transform energy to bring it closer to people, and we leverage technological innovation to take on the present and the future. Our Repsol Campus is located at Mendez Álvaro, 44 - 28045 Madrid, Spain.

What did Repsol do with YPF?

A Repsol service station. In 1999 Repsol bought 97.81% of the Argentine oil and gas company YPF S.A., which at the time was the largest oil-and-gas company in Ibero America. The acquisition better positioned Repsol as a multinational company.

How did Repsol change its profile?

In 2008 Repsol began an intensive exploration campaign in which it focused its efforts on and invested in exploring in new areas, with results that enabled the company to change its profile. Using cutting edge technology, the company made over 30 hydrocarbon discoveries, many of which were considered to be among the largest in the world.

Where is the Repsol Campus in Madrid?

Facade of Repsol Campus. Repsol Campus is a building that serves as headquarters of the oil company Repsol, located on Mendez Alvaro street, 44, in the city of Madrid, Spain. It was designed by the architect Rafael de La-Hoz Arderius.

What does campus Repsol look like?

Save this picture! Campus Repsol, located in calle Méndez Álvaro in Madrid, has a built area of 123.000 m2 and includes four buildings “cloistered” around a large central garden which, among other features, includes 100 trees that are suited to Madrid´s climate.

What does Repsol do?

Repsol is a multi-energy company with worldwide presence, whose activity ranges from exploration and production of oil and gas, to refining and marketing of derivatives and useful services on a day-to-day basis such as natural gas or electricity.

What is Repsols corporate symbol?

Regarded as a architectural benchmark worldwide that reflects the companys ongoing evolution. A new way of working based on values and concepts that set an example for other organizations. Our Campus is Repsols corporate symbol. It is regarded as an architectural benchmark worldwide that reflects our culture and the companys ongoing evolution.

What does Repsol’s acquisition of YPF mean for Repsol?

The acquisition better positioned Repsol as a multinational company. Repsol’s acquisition of YPF also increased its capital to 288 million shares worldwide. Repsol’s presence in Latin America was one of the keys to corporate growth.

What happened to YPF in 2012?

During the European debt crisis in early 2012, Spain received upsetting news from Argentina: President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner announced the renationalization of the 51 percent of shares of YPF from Spanish shareholder Repsol. YPF is Argentina’s largest oil and gas company.

What does Repsol do for a living?

Repsol SA is engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil, natural gas, and refined petroleum. It operates through the following segments: Upstream, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Downstream, and Gas Natural Fenosa. The Upstream segment comprises of the oil and gas operations.

Who is behind Repsol’s deal with Mexico?

The agreement follows involvement by Spanish and Argentine politicians, and officials in Mexico, whose state-owned oil firm Pemex is Repsol’s third largest shareholder. The Mexican company also has close ties with Argentina.

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