What does Carpinteria mean?

Carpinteria /kɑːrpɪntəˈriːə/ is a small oceanside city located in southeastern Santa Barbara County, California, east of Santa Barbara and northwest of Ventura.

Where is the Gulf of Carpentaria located?

The Gulf of Carpentaria ( 14°S 139°E Coordinates: 14°S 139°E) is a large, shallow sea enclosed on three sides by northern Australia and bounded on the north by the eastern Arafura Sea (the body of water that lies between Australia and New Guinea ). The northern boundary is generally defined as a line from Slade Point,...

What is there to do in Carpinteria?

Carpinteria hosts an annual California Avocado Festival, with a history extending back to 1986. Over 80,000 persons attend the three-day festival which takes place during the first weekend of October. The festival offers avocado products and locally made goods. It also hosts the Carpinteria Arts Center.

What is the geography of Carpinteria CA?

The city is located almost entirely on a coastal plain in between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Immediately to the north of Carpinteria lie foothills and then the Santa Ynez Mountains. Between the foothills and the populated area of the city is an agricultural zone.

What to do in Carpinteria California?

Things to Do in Carpinteria. Carpinteria is a peaceful beach community with many nearby natural attractions. A seal and sea lion rookery are located along the bluffs area. There are tide pools full starfish, anemones, and urchins.

Why should you visit Carpinteria State Beach?

Whether it’s the roar of the city you crave, or the quiet solitude that comes with a simpler getaway, everything you need to get started is right here. If a restful vacation is part of your travel plans, Carpinteria State Beach might be the perfect place to seek out during your trip to Carpinteria.

Where to go surfing in Carpinteria?

A little bit away from Downtown Carpinteria, on a different strand of sand (Padaro Beach), you will find A-frame Surf, a store catering to all the needs of a surfer. In addition, you can enroll in the classes offered by Surf Happens Surf School.

Do you need to stay in Carpinteria at night?

Nowadays, many shorten the name of the town and call it “Carp.” With so many things to do in Carpinteria, you may want to stay the night (or the weekend) in town. Also, with so much to do, the city can be used as a base to explore the area.

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