Al dente alvor

al dente alvor

Do you still use al dente?

We have used Al Dente since it first opened. Sadly after our visit last week, we will not be using it again. The chicken was not cooked properly. Service was very patronising and insincere, and the atmosphere that used to be so good, was no... more.

Is Al Dente the worst restaurant in San Francisco?

Al Dente has changed, with new interior, staff and new expensive menu, and while it all looked good, the service and food was the worst restaurant experience I have ever encountered. I write this two weeks after our visit, and it still has prompted me... to write a rare review.

How to get from Alvor to Silves?

At Alvor Boat Trips we do a trip up river to Silves which comes highly recommended. It takes 1.5 hour to get there and you get 2 hour stopover in Silves and 1.5 hour return. Lunch is served on the return journey. We are fully booked up until Saturday 10 th at 10.30 so if theyd be interested in that trip, book early!

How to Cook Pasta al dente?

Article SummaryX. To cook pasta al dente, start by bringing a pot of water to a boil and adding the pasta to it. Then, after the pasta has been cooking for 6 or 7 minutes, try tasting a piece of it.

What doesal dentereally mean?

Its a direction we feel very strongly about at Delish—but what does it really mean? Al dente is Italian for to the tooth and, in our humble opinion, is the only way to cook your pasta. To the tooth means there should be a slight bite to your noodle. The pasta shouldnt be hard, but have a tiny amount of resistance when you bite into it.

How to get from Lagos to Silves?

Bus travel between Lagos and Silves is far worse, as there is no direct service and a connection is required in Portimão. The only advantage of traveling by bus is that the final stop is located in the centre of Silves. Lagos to Silves by Train The train between Lagos and Silves takes 35 minutes and a single ticket costs €2.90.

Is there a train from Silves to Algarve?

The issues with train travel are the limited departures and the poor location of Silves train station, which lies 2km south of the historic centre. This route from the station follows a busy road and descends a steep hill and is one of the least scenic walks in the Algarve…..

Where is the bus station in Silves?

There is no bus station in Silves, buses depart from the south side of the town close to the tourist information office and the Rio Arade. To find the bus stops follow the main road to the south of the town which follows the river. Bus tickets are purchased from the bus driver.

Is Alvor worth the money?

It was definitely worth the money and would definitely go again in the future and would highly recommend alvor boat trips to everyone This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Updating list... a perfect day!

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