What is Schwarzkopf?

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Who is Elisabeth Schwarzkopf?

Schwarzkopf was born on 9 December 1915 in Jarotschin in the Province of Posen in Prussia, Germany (now Poland) to Friedrich Schwarzkopf and his wife, Elisabeth ( née Fröhlich). Schwarzkopf performed in her first opera in 1928, as Eurydice in a school production of Glucks Orfeo ed Euridice in Magdeburg, Germany.

What is Olga Schwarzkopf famous for?

Dame Olga Maria Elisabeth Friederike Schwarzkopf, DBE (9 December 1915 – 3 August 2006) was a German-born Austro-British soprano. She was among the foremost singers of lieder, and is renowned for her performances of Viennese operetta, as well as the operas of Mozart, Wagner and Richard Strauss.

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What was the original name of General Schwarzkopf?

Norman Schwarzkopf, in full H. Norman Schwarzkopf, original name Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr., (born August 22, 1934, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.—died December 27, 2012, Tampa, Florida), U.S. Army officer who commanded Operation Desert Storm, the American-led military action that liberated Kuwait from Iraqi...

Where did Schwarzkopf grow up?

Born in Trenton, New Jersey, Schwarzkopf grew up in the United States and later in Iran. He was accepted by the United States Military Academy and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army in 1956.

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What happened to Olga Schwarzkopf?

While her stature as one of the great singers of her time is secure, Schwarzkopfs activities in Germany during the Nazi era have cast a shadow of scandal on her otherwise sterling career. Olga Maria Elisabeth Frederike Schwarzkopf was born on December 9, 1915, in Jarocin, Poland to German parents, Friedrich Schwarzkopf and Elisabeth Fröhling.

How good of a singer was Maria Schwarzkopf?

Nevertheless Schwarzkopf was renowned for her singing prowess in the works of Richard Strauss, the German Romantic composer, and in both these and other classic stage roles, Schwarzkopf mastered the very highest octaves with remarkable precision and breath control, asserted Washington Post writer Adam Bernstein.

Who was Elisabeth Schwarzkopf?

Dame Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, who has died aged 90, was one of the most distinguished and influential singers of the 20th century, rightly described by her husband, the record producer Walter Legge, as a bloody marvel days before his death when - already in her 60s - she was giving a recital in Zurich.

Who is Anke Schwarzkopf?

A year later, Schwarzkopf appeared at the prestigious Salzburg Festival with Herbert von Karajan, the conductor with whom she would work with many times in both stage productions and in the recording studio, and also made her debut at La Scala, Milans famous opera house.

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