Rnf aprilia

rnf aprilia

Is Aprilia the only option for the RNF?

The RNF and Yamaha liaison is on the table and past successes are an advantage for the collaboration between the parties to continue... but it is not the only option. Excluding the Suzuki possibilitypothesis, Aprilia appears as a strong possibility, largely due to the performance that Aleix Espargaro has had in the RS-GP this season.

How many Rs-GPS does Aprilia Racing have?

Together for the next season, RNF Racing and Aprilia Racing reached a milestone today by announcing their partnership for two seasons and renewable for a further two years. For the first time in its young MotoGP™ history, Aprilia will have a satellite team and four Aprilia RS-GPs on track.

Are Aprilia turning around their MotoGP project?

Aprilia have turned their MotoGP project around spectacularly in the last 18 months, going from back markers to race winners and in Espargaro, genuine title contenders. Espargaro secured Aprilia’s, and his, maiden victory in Argentina and is currently on a run of three consecutive podiums.

Will Aprilia have their own MotoGP team in 2022?

It is expected that in 2022, [Aprilia] will be in MotoGP with their own team – Fausto Gresini. Aprilia is expected to run its own factory MotoGP team in 2022, meaning the current Gresini partnership would either switch to a satellite agreement or the Italian squad could take another path.

What does Aprilia Racing do?

For the next five seasons, Aprilia Racing will be one of the protagonists in the premier class, thereby reaffirming its mission of technological research and experimentation excellence within the Piaggio Group. From 2022, Aprilia Racing will participate as a manufacturer, with the official RS-GP machines on the track as a factory team.

Whats new with Aprilia RS-GP 2022?

Aprilia is poised for the opening of the 2022 MotoGP season, with a cutting-edge RS-GP bike and a trio of outstanding riders. Get up to speed with all the news from our racing division. The RS-GP 2022 is ready and raring to go. Faster, more advanced and striking than ever.

Why did Aprilia improve so much in 2021?

Big improvements arrived in 2021 because Aprilia was able to properly develop its new bike for the first time. Although the company has MotoGP concessions (which allow it to upgrade engines and do lots of testing, unlike the other factories), those were cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

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