Europass login

europass login

What is Europass and how does it work?

Europass is a set of online tools to help with creating CVs, cover letters and also help users to find jobs and courses in the EU. Europass also matches user skills and interests such as location and topic to success suitable jobs. It is a useful tool to find information on studying or working in the Europe.

How do I create a Europass account?

You will need to create an EU log-in’ – enter your email address and create a password. You will then receive an email with a link which will allow you to complete the registration process. From there you can start using Europass as a registered user.

What is the Europass CV?

The Europass CV is a Europe-wide standardised template in 29 languages. The Europass CV makes your education, work experience and skills transparent internationally.

What happened to the UK National Europass Centre?

Ecctis managed the UK National Europass Centre until 31st March 2021, jointly funded by the EACEA and the Department for Education. Following the departure of the UK from the European Union, the UK no longer participates in the Europass initiative and there is no nominated representative for Europass in the UK.

What does Europass mean?

Europass. It aims to make a persons skills and qualifications clearly understood throughout Europe (including the European Union, European Economic Area and EU candidate countries ). The five Europass documents are the Curriculum Vitae, Language Passport, Europass Mobility, Certificate Supplement, and Diploma Supplement,...

What is the Europass CV and how does it work?

The Europass CV is designed to help users highlight their skills, qualifications and work experience, whether they are looking for a job, enrolling at university or getting experience abroad. It’s part of Europass, an EU initiative to increase transparency of qualification and mobility of citizens in Europe.

What tools does Europass offer?

Europass offers free online tools that support learners, workers and job-seekers across Europe. Before sending any application be sure to consult some of our tools: Your Europass profile supports you in describing your skills, finding interesting jobs and learning opportunities, managing applications, and creating CVs and cover letters.

Do you have to be from Europe to use a Europass?

It’s designed for use in Europe, but you don’t have to be from Europe to use it. Some European employers may be used to its format, and may even prefer it. But a Europass CV is never required to apply for a job in Europe, and in fact it turns many employers off.

Your Europass profile is private but you can share a link to your profile with employers, education institutions or guidance counsellors to get their assistance or as part of your application. You can share your full profile or select specific sections of your profile to share. How can you create your profile?

What is the Europass?

What happened to the Europass Language Passport? The Europass Language Passport was established as one of the Europass document templates in 2004 as a self-assessment tool for language skills and qualifications. The current Europass integrated the language passport within the Europass profile as a section called language skills.

When was the Europass framework established?

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