Iqos 3 duo

iqos 3 duo

What is included in my IQOS 3 duo Kit?

In your IQOS 3 DUO kit you will find; the device, the manual, safety instructions, a warranty card, a USB cable, an adaptor, a cleaning brush, and cleaning sticks. Before using your IQOS 3 DUO you’ll want to check the battery status. To do so just put the holder into the pocket charger and click the pocket charger control button once.

How do I Check my IQOS 3 duo battery level?

Tap the button on your IQOS 3 DUO pocket charger to check your battery level. If it’s low, plug your device into a power outlet using an IQOS AC adaptor and cable. Press the button at the top of your pocket charger for four seconds to turn it on.

What is IQOS 3 multi?

IQOS 3 Multi is a unique product available in varied colors and designs that enable smooth handling of it. The IQOS 3 Multi features high-end battery powering system that allows the user to enjoy two smoking session without having to recharge.

How do I use the IQOS 3 duo heatstick?

Since IQOS 3 DUO is multi-use you can use the holder twice before needing to charge it in the pocket charger. If you want to do a second use, just change the HeatStick to a new one, then press and hold the control button again. If you don’t want another use, just remove the HeatStick and put the holder in the pocket charger to charge.

What is IQOS 3 duo?

Our flagship product; light and robust, quick to charge with two consecutive uses. One IQOS 3 DUO Kit includes an IQOS 3 DUO Holder, Pocket Charger and all the tools you need to clean and charge your IQOS. Available in four unique colours; Warm White, Velvet Grey, Stellar Blue and Brilliant Gold.

What comes with the IQOS 3 Duo Heat not burn device?

1 X IQOS 3 DUO Heat Not Burn Tobacco HNB Device 1 X pocket charger 1 X IQOS 3 DUO Plus holder 1 X Power Adaptor 1 X Charging Cable 1 X IQOS Cleaning Tool.

How do I charge my IQOS 3 duo pocket Charger?

Charging your IQOS 3 DUO pocket charger daily is the best way to make sure youre never without your IQOS device. Always use a wall outlet, and try charging it at the same time you charge your mobile phone. Slide the cap up on your IQOS holder and gently pull the HEETS tobacco stick out.

Can IQOS devices be used with cigarettes?

IQOS devices cannot be used with cigarettes. To purchase HEETS, click here. To purchase both an IQOS 3 DUO and HEETS at a bundled price, click here.

How much does IQOS 3 multi cost?

Yours at ₱2,990. IQOS 3 MULTI is the perfect device for adult smokers who are looking for a cigarette alternative for their on-the-go lifestyle. Our all-in-one, pocket-sized device gives you up to 10 back-to-back experiences without having to charge the IQOS holder in between HEETS™.

What makes IQOS multi different from other IQOS devices?

IQOS 3.0 Multi has two distinct features that sets it apart from other IQOS devices. Firstly, 3.0 Multi is an integrated device meaning that both the holder and the pocket charger in one compact device, unlike previous models which have separate holders and pocket chargers.

How many people attended the IQOS 3 launch event?

Over 600 people attended the event, the first global launch ever undertaken by Philip Morris International. André Calantzopoulos, PMIs Chief Executive Officer, introduced the new IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi and guests, well the users among them, had the chance to experience the new devices with a range of accessories.

What temperature should I use my IOQS 3 multi?

IQOS 3 MULTI is designed to work in a wide range of temperatures, but HEETS tobacco sticks taste best when the device is used between 0℃ and 50℃. What do the lights on my IOQS 3 MULTI mean?

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