Sintra castle portugal

sintra castle portugal

Where are the castles of Sintra?

For most people exploring the castles of Sintra, the Sintra National Palace is the first stop. This Sintra Palace is located right in the heart of the old town center and was an integral part of royal life from the 15th to the 19th Century.

What are the best castles in Portugal?

The National Palace of Sintra is the best-preserved medieval royal residence in Portugal. Portuguese nobility have inhabited it from the 15th century to the 19th century. The palace is located in the city center, and will likely be the first one you see as you embark on your epic tour of all the best castles in Sintra.

What to see in Sintra Portugal?

Sintras most iconic landmarks include the mediaeval Castle of the Moors, the romanticist Pena National Palace and the Portuguese Renaissance Sintra National Palace. Sintra is consistently ranked as one of the wealthiest and most expensive municipalities in both Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula as a whole.

What is the population of Sintra in Portugal?

The population of the municipality in 2011 was 377,835, in an area of 319.23 square kilometres (123.26 sq mi). Sintra is a major tourist destination in Portugal, famed for its picturesqueness and for its numerous historic palaces and castles.

What are the best castles in Sintra?

The Pena Palace is quite possibly the most recognizable of all the castles of Sintra, Portugal. Bathed in 19th century Romanticism architecture, the Pena Palace is bold, colorful, and exciting to explore. This stunning property had humble beginnings as a chapel site around 500-years ago.

Is Monserrate Palace in Sintra worth visiting?

This Sintra palace is often overlooked by visitors that are more eager to catch a glimpse (and photos) of the better known Pena Palace — which is quite the pity because Monserrate Palace is elaborate and feels like a hidden gem. In our experience, this castle was the least crowded of all the palaces and castles we visited in Sintra.

Why should you visit Sintra in Portugal?

If you love castles, then you’ll want to head over to Sintra in Portugal. A major attraction for tourists and day-trippers from Lisbon, the town of Sintra is known for its variety of castles and palaces. Visiting each castle is easy too, which is one of the reasons why they are such a popular attraction.

Where is the Sintra National Palace?

The Sintra National Palace, located in the very heart of Sintra’s historic centre (and with its distinctive chimneys which look like inverted snowcones) is….. I’ll be honest, not my favourite of all the castles and palaces that Sintra has to offer.

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