Beluga cat

beluga cat

What is a beluga cat?

The Beluga cat has seemingly appeared out of nowhere and is now a prominent image in internet culture. When we speak of “beluga cat,” we’re referring to the “Beluga” YouTube channel that features a picture of an adorable cat adorned with a human-like smile.

How old is Beluga from beluga?

Beluga is the main titular character of the YouTube channel Beluga, and the main character of the Beluga Cinematic Universe. Beluga lives at #123 Freddy Fazbear Pizza in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is most likely to be 19 years old, but is shown in different grades depending on the video.

What is belugas profile picture in discord?

Belugas profile picture in Discord is based on the polite cat meme. Belugas name originates from a species of a whale called beluga, in Polish Białucha arktyczna. As seen in discord mods be like, Beluga is not exercising enough which is bad to him and his fans and everyone who knows him.

What is belugas favorite singer?

Beluga is often depicted as a mastermind when it comes to situation. Beluga somehow turns into a cat after 7 P.M. His favorite singer is Rick Astley. In the moments of some videos when they come to real life, he is just a square with his discord pfp

Why is the beluga cat a meme?

As though out of nowhere, the Beluga cat has become a popular online meme. To refer to beluga cat is to allude to the Beluga channel on YouTube, which depicts a cute feline with a human-like grin. Beluga cat with his creator on Instagram.

Who is beluga?

Beluga is a YouTuber who uploads Funny Discord Videos. He currently has 5 million Subscribers, though you can never be sure how many Subscribers he has, and in fact, he went from 1 Million to 2 Million Subscribers in 24 hours! Which is insane. Now, back to the Question. Who is the cat in Belugas Profile Picture.

How old is Beluga the cat?

He is most likely to be 19 years old, but is shown in different grades depending on the video. His bedtime is always at 7pm, even though his school days are always random, and always start at random times of day. While he is human, he turns into a polite cat in the middle of the night. Belugas exact birthdate varies.

What are the names of belugas family?

Belu-mom - Beluga’s mother. Belu-dad - Belugas father. Papa Beluga - Beluga’s grand father. Mr. Beet - A riddle solver. MrBeet Security - Security of Mr. Beet. There are multiple of these, and Beluga got kidnapped by them. Assasin - a cat that gives beluga chocolate, then later killed him.

How many people are there on beluga discord?

The Official Beluga Discord Server! | 650,000 members The Official Beluga Discord Server! | 650,000 members BeluGANG

Who are the characters in Belugas videos?

These are the recurring characters in Belugas videos: Pablo: Initially a Discord moderator, later shown him to be an admin/server owner of Pablos Pub. Lester: A moderator on Discord and owner of the Lesters Minivan server.

How did beluga get the MoD role?

Then, Beluga changed his profile picture to an anime girl and changed his Discord name to Beluwuga. He asked Pablo for mod again and tells him that he is a girl. The strategy worked and Beluga received the Mod role.

Who is belugas son on Discord?

Beluga Jr. - Belugas son. He owns Belugas second channel (Beluga Jr.) Sweetie23 - Lesters cover, used to get control of Pablos server. Dennis - Discord user who ate lunch with Beluga in elementary.

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