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mcafee login

What is McAfee mobile security?

McAfee® Mobile Security provides malware and web protection and device security that helps you stay safe, particularly on-the-go. Are Smart Padlocks “Hackable?” Learn If Your Packages Can Still Be Stolen

How secure is McAfee identity protection service?

While McAfee Identity Protection Service provides you tools and resources to protect yourself from identity theft, no identity can be completely secure. US Only: Fair Credit Reporting Act: You have numerous rights under the FCRA, including the right to dispute inaccurate information in your credit report(s).

How can I get help for my McAfee product?

Need to talk to an expert? Get help for your McAfee product from a support expert. Please enter value. STILL NEED HELP? A paid service offering virus removal help, device and software set-up, troubleshooting and PC tune-ups.

Why buy McAfee antivirus?

Digital Peace of Mind. McAfee handles your security online with state-of-the-art antivirus and privacy protection. Buy now and rest easy knowing you’re protected from today’s threats.

How can I get help with common issues with McAfee?

Our virtual assistant leads you step by step through solutions to common issues with McAfee products. Please enter value. Ask questions, share information, and get help from other McAfee customers. Need to talk to an expert? Get help for your McAfee product from a support expert. Please enter value. STILL NEED HELP?

How do I contact McAfee customer service?

You can call Sales (Customer Service) toll-free antytime between 6am and 6pm Pacific Time. There is email and online chat support also available by clicking Useful Links above or McAfee Support also above or right-clicking your taskbar McAfee icon and selecting Get Help.

How do I request a refund from McAfee support?

Go to the McAfee website Click on the Resources tab in the header Choose Support from the For Home section Click on the Request a Refund box

What do I do if my McAfee subscription has expired?

If you already have the McAfee software installed and it shows an incorrect expiry date, update your subscription using the steps in TS101424 - You see an alert that your subscription has expired. If you are still unable to install and activate your product after following the steps above, contact Customer Service.

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