Bmw 2002 turbo

bmw 2002 turbo

What kind of car is the BMW 2002 Turbo?

The BMW 2002 Turbo was the high performance variant of the BMW 2002. Introduced for the 1974 model year, the 2002 Turbo was the first turbocharged model built by BMW. Not only an important model in the history of BMW, the 2002 Turbo has also become a collector classic, combining great looks with sporty and involved performance.

What was BMW’s first turbo?

Based on the BMW 2002, the 2002 Turbo was BMW’s first turbocharged production car and a sign of things to come.

Why is the front spoiler on a 2002 BMW called Turbo?

Press models had “2002” and “turbo” added to the front spoiler in reverse script, so any car in front of the Turbo would know exactly what had just suddenly appeared behind him. The Press had a field day with BMW’s irresponsibleness, so it was decided to drop the reverse lettering on all production models.

What is the history of the BMW 02 Series?

The successful 2002 Series with a capacity of two liters and between 100 hp (BMW 2002) and 170 hp (BMW 2002 turbo) went into series production in early 1968. The “Oh Two” series was replaced in 1975 by the first 3 Series models in the BMW program. Today, the tradition of the famous 02 Series is continued mainly by the BMW 2 Series Coupe.

How much horsepower does a 2002 BMW turbo have?

The 2002 Turbo was launched at the 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show. This was BMWs first turbocharged production car. It produced 170 PS (125 kW; 168 hp) at 5,800 rpm, with 240 N⋅m (177 lbf⋅ft) of torque.

What was BMW’s first turbo?

Based on the BMW 2002, the 2002 Turbo was BMW’s first turbocharged production car and a sign of things to come.

When did the BMW E20 2002 Turbo come out?

The E20 model is a car manufactured by BMW, sold new from year 1974 until 1975, and available after that as a used car. What engine is in BMW E20 2002 Turbo? The BMW E20 2002 Turbo has a Inline 4, Petrol engine with 1990 cm3 / 121.4 cu-in capacity.

What kind of car was the BMW 2002 ti?

A special Frua-designed coupe body was developed on the basis of a 2002 Ti. Only two were produced in 1969/1970. The BMW 2002 competed in the Trans Am Series under two liter class, although it saw little success as the class was dominated by Alfa Romeo, Porsche, and Datsun.

What is another name for a spoiler on a car?

For other uses, see Spoiler. A spoiler is an automotive aerodynamic device whose intended design function is to spoil unfavorable air movement across a body of a vehicle in motion, usually described as turbulence or drag. Spoilers on the front of a vehicle are often called air dams.

Do sports cars have spoilers?

Sports cars are most commonly seen with front and rear spoilers. Even though these vehicles typically have a more rigid chassis and a stiffer suspension to aid in high-speed manoeuvrability, a spoiler can still be beneficial.

Should I add a rear spoiler to my car?

Adding a rear spoiler could be considered to make the air see a longer, gentler slope from the roof to the spoiler, which helps to delay flow separation and the higher pressure in front of the spoiler can help reduce the lift on the car by creating downforce.

What is an spoiler in racing?

Spoilers in racing are used in combination with other features on the body or chassis of race cars to change the handling characteristics that are affected by the air of the environment.

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