Feira medieval silves 2022

feira medieval silves 2022

Is Feira medieval de Silves worth a visit?

Feira Medieval de Silves is a fantastic experience for all the family and well worth at least one trip during the event. The event takes over part of Silves leading up to the Castle and is all things Medieval whether music, dancers, entertainers, jousting, food, stalls and more. Suitable for all ages.

What is Silves medieval?

Silves Medieval is a festival that is enjoyed by tourists and people living and working in the region, we visit between 5-8 times during the period to enjoy the experience and meet new and old friends

What are the best places to see in Silves?

Silves Castle is very impressive to look at and dominates the Silves skyline. 4. Feira Medieval de Silves 5. Mr Frutas 6. Município de Silves ... is all lovely fruit trees the hole castle area is worth a visit then the Museum a good bit to see three floors al... 7. Silves Cathedral Well worth the euro entrance fee.

What do I need to know about the medieval festival?

The event takes over part of Silves leading up to the Castle and is all things Medieval whether music, dancers, entertainers, jousting, food, stalls and more. Suitable for all ages. You can hire costumes if you want to get into the spirit, or just go casual - whatever you wear make sure you wear sensible shoes as the cobble streets can be slippery.

What is Silves medieval fair?

Silves Medieval Fair (Silves Feira Medieval) takes place each August in the historic city of Silves. Silves Medieval Fair began in 2004 and has now grown into a large 10-day event which attracts over 130,000 visitors to watch the nightly historical dramas and re-enactments of the towns Islamic history.

How do I get to the Algarve fair?

You would need to book a hotel in Silves far in advance to have a chance of getting a room in the town or surrounding countryside. Many people drive in from their accommodation on the coast. Various travel agencies and hotels in the Algarve arrange mini-bus shuttles to the fair, transporting you there are back for the evening.

What to do at Silves Festival?

Silves Castle is one of the main venues for the festival along with Praça AlMutamid and the square outside Silves Cathedral. The fun and action starts at 6pm every evening and continues until 1pm.

What to buy in Silves?

The streets of Silves are packed with market traders who have come from all over Europe and North Africa to sell their wares. Goods for sale range from dried fruits, nuts and dates from Tunisia to singing bowls and carpets from Tibet.

Why visit Silves?

Silves is a historic town that was originally the ancient capital of the Algarve. During the Moorish era (9-12th century), Silves was a major stronghold and important trading centre. From the solid red-brick castle, the Moors defended the entire region, while from the harbour, boats sailed down the Arade River to trade with North Africa.

What to see outside Silves in Portugal?

Outside Silves the low hills are light brown, with lonely cork oaks on the hillsides and eucalyptus and citrus groves in the valleys. On higher ground you can see the formidable Serra de Monchique, the sea, Portimão and Silves in one unforgettable view.

Is there a car park in Silves?

If you are driving to Silves, there is a large car park to the southwest of the town (GPS: 37.1848, -8.4420). Never try to drive in the historic centre as the roads are narrow and there is almost no car parking. The main bus stop of Silves is next to this car park and close to the tourist information (see the map in the following section).

What is Silves like?

Silves has a completely different ambience to the hectic coastal towns, and is a great location to experience typical Portuguese daily life. There is the daily market with stalls selling local produce, there are bustling cafes filled with locals, and restaurants serving traditional Portuguese dishes.

Don’t miss to join us on this adventure! First of all, what are the medieval festivals and why did they appear? The medieval festivals emerged in the Middle Age. They were the place where people from all walks of life gathered in order to exchange products and goods.

How many days do you need for a medieval festival?

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