Apache helicopter

apache helicopter

What is an Apache helicopter?

The Apache attack helicopter is a combat proven aircraft manufactured by American aerospace and defence company Boeing for the US Armed Forces. The AH-64D Longbow helicopter is armed with the Longbow Hellfire missile.

How fast can a Longbow Apache helicopter attack?

The Longbow Apache can effect an attack in 30 seconds. The Apache attack helicopter was developed by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) for the US armed forces. It entered service with the US Army in 1984 and has been exported to Egypt, Greece, Israel, the Netherlands, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the UK.

What is an AH-64 Apache helicopter?

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is a twin engine attack helicopter with a two man crew. The pilot sits behind and above the copilot/gunner. Both crew members are capable of flying the aircraft and engaging weapons systems. The Apache armament includes a M230 Chain Gun, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, and Hydra 70 rockets.

What is Leonardo helicopters doing with the Apaches?

Leonardo Helicopters in the UK is to maintain the current fleet of Apaches until 2023–2024, with a long-term plan for Leonardo and other UK companies to do most of the work on the new fleet. The deal includes an initial support contract for maintenance of the new helicopters, along with spare parts and training simulators for UK pilots.

What is an Apache helicopter used for in the military?

Designed to hunt and destroy tanks, the Apache attack helicopter has significantly improved the Armys operational capability. The Apache attack helicopter can operate in all weathers, day or night and detect, classify and prioritise up to 256 potential targets in a matter of seconds.

What is the top speed of Apache helicopter?

Two high-performance turbo-shaft engines allow for a maximum cruise speed of 284 kilometers per hour, or 152 knots. The Apache has advanced laser, infrared and target acquisition designation, including other systems, to locate, track and attack targets.

What is an AH-64 Apache helicopter?

The AH-64 Apache is the world’s most advanced multi-role combat helicopter and is used by the U.S. Army and a growing number of international defense forces.

Can an Apache helicopter fly without its rotors?

The helicopter wouldn’t be able to get off the ground without its rotors, and each Apache – both the standard Apache and the Apache Longbow – use a four-blade articulated rotor system powered by two engines, either General Electric T700-GE-701 1698 shp turboshaft or 850SHP Rolls Royce RTM-322, each of which generates approximately 1,700 horsepower.

How long will the AH-64E Apache helicopter last?

With the AH-64E in production until at least 2028, the Apache will serve the U.S. Army and its partner nations as the world’s primary attack helicopter into the 2060s.

What kind of engine does a AH-64 Apache have?

The AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter. The AH-64 Apache is an attack helicopter produced by Boeing Defense used in close air support operations. It operates through the use of a twin engine turboshaft identical to the ones used in the UH-60 Black Hawk.

How many AH-64 Apaches have been delivered?

The AH-64 Apache is the world’s most advanced multi-role combat helicopter and is used by the U.S. Army and a growing number of international defense forces. Boeing has delivered more than 2,200 Apaches to customers around the world since the aircraft entered production.

Is the AH-64 still the world’s most advanced attack helicopter?

From the AH-64A in 1984 to today’s AH-64E Version 6 (v6), one thing about the Apache hasn’t changed: its reputation as the world’s most advanced and proven attack helicopter.


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