Duran duran

duran duran

What do you think about Duran Duran?

Aparte de sus canciones, lo que mucho se recuerda de Duran Duran son sus videoclips icónicos. Aunque muchos de sus videos eran considerados lascivos en la época, la banda siguió un estilo glamuroso y fashion siguiendo la estela de sus primeros videos.

When did Duran Duran do the Live 8?

El 2 de julio de 2005, Duran Duran, encabezaría el concierto masivo Live 8 en el Circo Máximo de Roma. Convirtiéndose de ese modo, en una de las pocas bandas que tocaron, tanto en el Live 8 como en el Live Aid de Bob Geldof, 20 años atrás.

What happened to Duran Duran at Live Aid?

En el concierto de ayuda Live Aid, el 13 de julio de 1985, Duran Duran se presentó ante 90.000 espectadores (y aproximadamente 1.500 millones de telespectadores) en el JFK Stadium en Filadelfia, pero nunca se pretendió que fuera esa una actuación de despedida.

When did Duran Duran start his career?

Duran Duran comenzaría el año 1983 tocando en el New Years Eve Rock n Roll Ball de MTV, con Hungry Like the Wolf con un amplio ascenso en las listas de Estados Unidos, y la reedición del sencillo Rio le seguiría en marzo. Para satisfacer a la nueva demanda estadounidense,

What is Duran Duran’s latest album?

Nearly 40 years into their recording career, New Romantic pioneers Duran Duran are still making waves. Their 14th and latest studio album, Paper Gods, reached the number 10 spot on the Billboard charts earlier this month, making it their first top 10 hit since their self-titled 1993 album (a.k.a.

What has happened to Duran Duran?

It is 43 years since Duran Duran formed, springing out of the nightspots of Birmingham and quickly getting swept up into the “new-” scenes: wave and romantic. There were No 1 singles, world tours, Live Aid, Grammys. Later came lineup changes, side-projects, contract disputes, hiatus and reunion.

Was Duran Duran a pin-up band?

The strangest thing was that Duran Duran had never seen themselves as pin-ups. In their eyes, they were more of an arthouse band, “a bit more underground,” says Taylor – something like Japan, with a strong aesthetic vision. The record company clocked their commercial appeal: perfect pop heart-throbs for the dawn of the MTV era.

What is the Duran Duran board game arena?

At the height of their 1980s fame, Milton Bradley released the Duran Duran board game Arena, the title drawn directly from their hit live album from 1984 and released in conjunction with the 1985 video version. Designed for two to four players, the objective was to collect video cards and band member cards and accumulate as many points as possible.

Was Duran Duran the only British Invasion band at Live Aid?

But Duran Duran wasn’t the only band from the Second British Invasion that were going through motions around the time of Live Aid.

Why did Duran Duran split up?

The documentary follows Duran Durans highs and lows, including the rifts and tensions that built among the bands original members. These issues ultimately resulted in the band splitting up in 1985, after they performed at the iconic Live Aid concert.

What happened to Andy Taylor from Duran Duran?

I had lost myself somewhere. Guitarist Andy Taylor led the remaining members to believe he would return to work on a new Duran Duran album, even as he was signing a solo recording contract in Los Angeles with MCA, eventually releasing a solo album in 1986 called Thunder.

What happened to John Cuccurullo of Duran Duran?

This announcement was confirmed the next day by Duran Durans website, followed a day later by the news that John, Roger, and Andy Taylor had rejoined. To fulfill contractual obligations, Cuccurullo played three Duran Duran concerts in Japan in June 2001, ending his tenure in the band.

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