Stranger things cast

stranger things cast

Who are the actors in Stranger Things?

Stranger Things Cast (2016-Present) 1. Millie Bobby Brown. Actress | Enola Holmes. Millie Bobby Brown (born 19 February 2004) is an English actress and model. She rose to prominence for ... 2. Finn Wolfhard. 3. Noah Schnapp. 4. Caleb McLaughlin. 5. Gaten Matarazzo.

Who is the scientist in Stranger Things Season 1?

Matthew Modine as Martin Brenner (season 1; recurring season 2), the scientist in charge of Hawkins Laboratory. Manipulative and remote, he and his team are searching for Eleven. Noah Schnapp as Will Byers (seasons 2–present; recurring season 1), the son of Joyce Byers and younger brother of Jonathan Byers.

Is Stranger Things a horror series?

Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror web television series created by the Duffer Brothers and released on Netflix.

Who are the actors inStranger ThingsSeason 2?

Stranger Things Season 2 Casts Sean Astin, Paul Reiser, Linnea Berthelsen. Variety. Archived from the original on November 8, 2016. Retrieved November 8, 2016. ^ Longeretta, Emily (January 21, 2017). Stranger Things Season 2 Scoop: Sean Astin Playing Winona Ryders Boyfriend & More.

Is Netflix’s Stranger Things a horror show?

Netflix’s Stranger Things doesn’t feel like full-time horror. But the language of horror always lurks at the edges of the frame. The Duffer Brothers clearly had horror on the brain during the show’s conception. But their approach to the material yielded impressive results. The ever-popular 80’s nostalgia puts viewers in familiar comfort zones.

IsStranger Thingsa horror movie?

Heres the thing. As far as the shows scary level goes, its fair to say to that Stranger Things is definitely not a slasher film in any way. So you dont have to worry about that. This isnt Saw, people. Or even Scream.

How scary is Stranger Things?

If you need the word of other viewers to sway you, the good people of r/StrangerThings discussed how scary the show actually is, with most users agreeing that the show is more of a thriller, and on a scary scale of 1-10, the show ranks between a 4-6. frozenpandaman said that they really, truly, hate horror, but they enjoyed Stranger Things.

What is the genre of Stranger Things?

Stranger Things Genre Science fiction Horror Drama Created by The Duffer Brothers Starring Composers Michael Stein Kyle Dixon 19 more rows ...

In season 3 of Stranger Things, the character Jonathan is 18 years old. 7. How old is Dustin from Stranger Things? Gaten Matarazzo (born September 8, 2002) is 16 years old.

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