Ford puma 2021

ford puma 2021

Is the Ford Puma any good?

Is the Ford Puma any good? It’s fair to say we rate the Ford Puma very highly. So highly, in fact, that we awarded it Parkers Car of the Year for 2021, before winning our Small Family Car Award again for the second consecutive year for 2022. In almost every sense, then, the Ford Puma is one of the best cars you can buy today.

Is there a diesel version of the Puma?

A diesel-powered Puma and a sportier ST performance model are in the pipeline, the latter expected to be officially revealed at some point this year. Get all the best car news, reviews and opinions direct to your inbox three times a week. You can unsubscribe via any email we send See our full privacy notice for more details

What is the boot space of Fords new Puma?

Sharing a platform with the Fiesta, Ford has suggested its new Puma will be extremely practical, with a best-in-class boot capacity of 456 litres. Its also set to feature 48-volt mild-hybrid technology, which will work with the firms three-cylinder 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine.

What are the different Ford Puma trims?

You can read all about that in our dedicated Puma ST review. Here, though, were focusing on the regular Ford Puma, which is available in six trims: entry-level Titanium Design, better equipped Titanium, sportier looking ST Line, ST Line Design and ST Line X, and luxurious ST-Line Vignale.

How many liters of boot space does a Ford Puma have?

When the bench is pushed all the way forward it frees up a 536-litre capacity. One area where Ford has been rather clever is in the Puma‘s adjustable boot floor with the so-called ‘Megabox’ hidden storage area beneath. This is a 68-litre plastic compartment that you can use to store muddy boots or wet clothes, for example.

How much space does the Ford Puma 2020 have?

Interior space with 5 seats. The width measurement of 1805 millimeters corresponds to the width of the Ford Puma 2020 without exterior mirrors and the value of 1930 millimeters with mirrors unfolded. Motorization: petrol and petrol mild hybrid. The mild hybrid model is called Puma Ecoboost Hybrid and has a boot capacity of 401* liters.

Is the Ford Puma 456 litre boot any good?

The Ford Puma s 456-litre boot is a useful size and has been well designed, with almost no loading lip. Its a square shape and its adjustable floor can be moved up and down, while hiding an 80-litre storage compartment.

Can the rear seats of a Ford Puma be split?

The rear seats can be split 60/40 to maximise versatility, and can even fold flat to give you more luggage space when you need it. Ford Puma features an adaptive rear parcel shelf which is not fixed to the second row of seats and raises with the tailgate, meaning that it can adjust its position to allow room for larger storage items.

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