Oppo a94

oppo a94

Why is the proximity sensor on the upper front of Oppo not working?

A special technology is applied to conceal the proximity sensor on the upper front of OPPOs smartphone for the whole look of simplicity. It may cause abnormality of proximity function if the film or protector covers the proximity sensor area. Refer to OPPOs official layout of protector and film for details.

What makes A94 so special?

From macro to ultra wide-angle and zoom shots, A94 displays life’s journey in vibrant, crystal-clear detail. AI Color Portrait Video intelligently highlights your subject’s natural colors while turning the background black and white, creating amazing shots that allow anyone to be the center of attention.

What is the typical battery capacity of Oppo devices?

3. 4310mAh is the typical value of battery capacity. The minimum capacity is 4220mAh. 4. Based on tests performed in OPPO labs. The displayed remaining battery power may vary from device to device. To ensure accuracy in testing, 5% battery is defined as the equivalent of 5% of a 4310mAh battery, i.e., 215.5mAh. 5.

Why do OPPO’s fingerprint sensors fail?

OPPO’s on-screen fingerprint sensors may fail in certain environments. For example when getting up in the morning, in a dry environment or cold places. If your fingers are dry, OPPO itself recommends blowing air into your fingers or rubbing them together for better precision with the on-screen unlock.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S20 proximity sensor not working?

Perform “ Proximity Sensor Test “. It Must Pass the Test which means that the Proximity Sensor Hardware is OK and is Not Faulty. If you have not done any Screen Replacement and still facing the Problem then the Simplest Solution is to Perform a Soft Reset. in 99% Cases this will Solve and Fix the Problem.

How to fix camera app not working on Oppo F7?

If you are getting stuck on the default apps on Oppo F7 such as Phone, Messaging or the camera app, go to Setting > Apps > Default Apps , choose the app you are getting issues with and clear the cache/data. If anything else do not work, a factory reset or phone format could help you solve the problem.

What is the typical value of the battery capacity of Oppo?

1. 5000mAh is the typical value of battery capacity. The rated capacity is 4880mAh. 2. The data presented on these pages comes from OPPO technical specifications, as well as test data from the laboratories and from suppliers.

How long will OPPO’s 240W charging standard last?

This standard — which will come to Oppo, Realme, and OnePlus phones later this year — will maintain 80% battery capacity after 1,600 charging cycles (just over four years). We’ve asked Oppo about commercial plans for 240W charging, battery degradation, and safety measures in use when charging at this speed.

How fast does Oppo SuperVOOC Flash Charge charge?

Now, Oppo has used MWC 2022 to announce 240W charging technology, dubbed 240W SuperVOOC Flash Charge. The smartphone maker claims that the tech can charge a 4,500mAh battery in just nine minutes, adding that the battery will reach 50% capacity in three and a half minutes.

What is the battery capacity of Oppo A5 2020 (A5)?

*5000mAh is the typical value of battery capacity. The minimum capacity is 4880mAh. OPPO A5 2020 (A5) fits five separate cameras into a single smartphone. A 12MP rear main lens for maximum photo resolution.

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