Why choose Como pizzeria?

Whether for lunch or dinner, COMO Pizzeria offers the best of Italian culinary culture at affordable prices for your simplest pleasure. We also offer delivery service. Plus légères avec moins de pâtes et moins de garnitures que nos pizzas traditionnelles.

Why Villa Pizzo Lake Como?

Take dozens of friends, your closest relatives and come to Villa Pizzo, Lake Como, youve got a destination wedding that celebrates love, Italian style. Introducing the most classical and olden venue for business entertainment, on Lake Como.

What is Villa Pizzo?

This Villa known as Villa Pizzo, was built between in charming villages of Cernobbio and Moltrasio. It has a very important historical past.

Why is pizza so popular?

When it comes to the world of culinary achievements, pizza takes the cake or, in this case, the pie, every time. Pizza is probably one of the only foods that holds a special place in pretty much everyones hungry hearts. But then again, whats not to love about these divinely delicious triangles? Pizza is the epitome of a perfect snack.

Why is pizza your best friend?

From pizza Fridays in your elementary school cafeteria to late-night get-togethers during your college days, pizza has always been there for you whenever you needed a delicious friend. Plus, its loyalty is unmatched. You can be sure pizza will never spread rumors about you, steal your boyfriend or tag you in hideous pictures on Facebook.

Should you offer pizza by the slice in your restaurant?

Your customers have multiple needs and tastes. While it’s great to get orders for several pizza and related menu items, offering pizza by the slice is always a good option to have to attract customers who come by themselves. Offering a combo of a slice of pizza and pop in the $4-8 range will attract walk-in customers during lunchtime, especially.

What makes our Villa Pizzo so special?

Villa Pizzo it is a seventeenth century villa that boasts impressive undisturbed views out across Lake Como. The villa is surrounded by a large private and beautiful Italian garden, including many shady tree lined walkways, manicured lawns, large open lake side stone terraces and a charming and romantic outdoor dining courtyard.

Where is Villa Pizzo on Lake Como?

Situated halfway between Moltrasio and Cernobbio, Villa Pizzo is one of the oldest manor houses on Lake Como. It takes its name from the rocky spur on which it stands: in the regional dialect Piz means point or projection. Villa Pizzo and all the annexed buildings are fully visible only from the lake.

Where is Villa Pizzo in Cernobbio?

Find out more This Villa known as Villa Pizzo, was built between in charming villages of Cernobbio and Moltrasio. It has a very important historical past.

What is Ilil Pizzo?

Il Pizzo became a safe haven for many men and women fleeing from the plague-ridden towns. Taking advantage of this outbreak, the terracing on which today’s extensive gardens of Villa Pizzo are built, were achieved by employing the manpower of the many men and women then present.

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